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Saturday, 20 September 2008 04:47

XMB Fourm Review

XMB Forum

  -- Installation : Hard

  -- Administration: Normal

  -- Usabitlity : Easy

Overall Rating:  CooL


From XMB's Website:

What is XMB?

XMB (short for eXtreme Message Board), is a lightweight but capable bulletin board software that offers all the essentials you need to run a successful forum. XMB is written in PHP and runs on the MySQL database software. This capable combination makes it easy to run XMB on the vast majority of today's web servers. Installation is a simple process that takes less then 2 minutes. Once installed, you will find an impressive collection of features & options to get your board up and running just the way you want it. Need more from your board? XMB has a community backing it with superior support and hundreds of modifications, themes, & more.

An easy to customize, usenet sytle threaded discussion froum with multiple language and forum support, Features auto archiving, optional emails and many other useful functionality.


Key Features 

XMB has all the key features you've come to expect of a BBS, and then some. Some outstanding features include:

  • Today's Posts: Find all the day's activity on your board with a click of a button.
  • U2U (User-To-User) Messaging System: Allows members to send and recieve messages with other members of the board.
  • Thread Subscriptions and Favourite Threads: Get instant updates on important threads when new posts are made.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: XMB comes out of the box with translations in 20 languages.
  • In-line Mass Moderation: Moderate your forums with ease. Select several threads and perform a moderation action on them at the same time.
  • Superior Forum Organization Support: Support for forum Categories, Main Forums, and Sub-Forums. With XMB's easy to use Forum administration, you can have your forums set up and organized in minutes.
  • File attachments: Allow members to attach files to their posts.
  • A multitude of theming options: Do you want your forum index displayed in one list of your forums, or split up and seperated in categories? How many threads should there be per page? Want one set of smilies for one theme, and a different set for another? It can all be done by selecting a few options in your Administration Panel

Since the 1.6 release of Extreme Message Board, this software had the reputation of a resource hog. This is no longer the case today, and the trend seems to be the opposite now, because XMB can easily support an high traffic.

People who are looking for light-weight yet impresive forum system, XMB is the way to go as it is very light and resource-friendly, about all host can support XMB's simple yet small requirements.


A simple web forum designed for easy deployment, use, and admin. It includes a built-in user management system and all aspects of the forum can be...


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