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Saturday, 20 September 2008 03:57
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Saga Guitars Telecaster Kit                          

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.0 
Action, Fit and Finish:

Saga Guitars Telecaster Kit

Overall: 4/5 Stars
Price: About $120
Value: 5/5

Features: 3/5
    Standard Tele specs, so it’s dead simple.  Two single coil pickups, 1 volume and 1 tone control.  Fixed bridge.  

Action, Fit and Finish: 4/5
    The body is basswood, and takes finish nicely.  Since this is a kit and must be put together, this section is pretty much up to you.  Once I bolted the neck to the body, after the finishing, there was minimal work to be done.  Frets were nicely dressed, and the truss rod needed only a bit of adjustment.  The action is very low, and the guitar plays great for rhythm work.  If needed, you can switch to the bridge pickup and play some sweet solos on the higher frets.

Sound: 3/5
    I did not have much hope for these pickups, and I was greatly surprised…by one of them.  The bridge pickup is amazingly gutsy, and has that Tele twang that so many people (myself included) look for.  The neck pickup, however, is not that great.  It does not seem well matched to the bridge pickup, and is much too bassy.  I switched it out for a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder for Tele (Neck Position), and the change was amazing.  I later switched out the bridge pickup too, in order to eliminate single coil hum, but the bridge pickup served me well for over a year.

Overall: 4/5
    This guitar is an amazing value, and plays sweet and easy.  Even without my pickup modifications, it was a great axe.  Gigs were no problem, and even though I know you shouldn’t, I was known to play out without a backup, and never had a problem.  Of course, I don’t recommend that!  If you’re interested in the process of building your own guitar, Saga kits are a great way to get started.  You might eventually step up to Warmoth parts, or just stick with Saga.  The neck pickup is the only thing that keeps this from getting a 5/5.



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