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Shining Tears - Playstation 2 Console

Rekeased Date: March 22, 2005

Overall Rating:  CooL

Shining Tears - Developed by NextechNextech and SegaSega. it was released in Novemeber 2004 in Japan, followed by a released in March 2005 for North America.


Choose one of eight loyal companions to join you on a fantastic adventure in which you'll uncover your true identity. Empowered with two mysterious rings, both you and your partner can create more than 30 attack combinations, learn more than 100 upgradable skills, and collect various items across more than 70 different battles stages. Shining Tears, which is based on the classic Shining Force series, also features a two-player cooperative mode.


 Shining Tears - the long anticipated side story to the legndary Shing Force Saga tells the ale of a young man who has lost his memory and has gooten caught up in a war he does not quite understand. The city he lives in is under siege, and the reason, he is told, revolves around two magical rings of power. In a journey of discovery, the boy and his friends will soon realize the terrifying truth about the world they live in. Along the way, they will fortify themselves with even more powerful weaponry, spells, and a rotating cast of allies.



  • Unique 2 player cooperative battle system brings multiple gameplay options.
  • Partner bonding system effects storyline and scenarios, allows for more than eight possible endings.
  • Create over 30 possible attack combinations with Link Attacks.
  • Get ready! Up to 50 enemies can appear on screen at once.
  • Player 2 can play as the AI partner character, or import a character from a previously saved game.
  • Over 300 items to collect across more than 70 different battle stages with unique terrain and weather.
  • Over 100 upgradeable skills from sword attacks to witchery.
  • Switch modes and attack at close range with a wide variety of combat skills as a Dark Warrior or defend with long range skills as a Light Warrior.

    This might not be the best game in the world, but there are a couple of shining spots in the game. The graphics for the backgrounds of the city and battle locations look great. The characters have the old 16-Bit look to them (small body, big head), are in full polygon, but lack the polish and detail of the background graphics. This isn’t the game to show off the powers of the PS2, but it has a great anime look. The other nice feature included in the game is the ability to upgrade your weapons. A blacksmith can upgrade any weapon in the game as long as you have three materials to combine with your weapon or armor. It's quite possible to only use the upgraded weapons in the game and never purchase a weapon or armor from the store.


    Shining Tears -  as you have guessed is a Hack-n-Slash game, so people who aren't comfortiable with these type of Hack-N-Slash games should stay away from it. The best thing about this game is, Its graphics, the animation and scenes are fitting perfectly. battle system is abit tough to get along with, and the story is very Simple!, music is also not that bad.

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