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Saturday, 20 September 2008 01:14

Shining Force Neo Review

Shining Force Neo Playstation 2 Console

Rekeased Date: October 20, 2005

Overall Rating:  CooL

Shining Force Neo is a game of the Shining Force series developed by Neverland Co., Ltd. and Sega that was released for the PlayStation 2 Console in March 2005 in Japan and was followed by a release in October 2005 for the North America version of the game.


Do you remember the good old day, when you used to play shining force on your Sega Console....?

I do, Shining force is one of my all time favorites...no doubt.


I always wished that it would be so cool if there were more of the Shining Force games out there...

Now finally that has happened and Sega brought us this new fast pace Shining Force Neo.


In the previous  Classic Shining Force Series games player had to choose there movement and would only be able to move that further, it was turn-based game which was quite fun too...  it was very limited but since the RPG ERA has changed alot since then so Shining Force is too!


in Shining Force Neo there is only 1 play-able character who You can control, there will be 2 other characters on your team but those will not be controlled by you instead, all the characters you come along your journey has different A.I.  You will be free from the stress of controlloing those 2 chaacters. they are pretty smart too and don't just get lost some where behind you... Plenty of your time is saved because you won't have to buy Equipments, magic, etc, etc for them.... The only thing you will have to do is keep them leveled up.


Shining Foce Neo tends to be more of a Hack-Slash game where you level up character and Hack-Slash your way through the duegons. In Shining Foce Neo characters can level-up  upto 200 Levels. This should be the first RPG game that can let you level up your characters upto such a high level. but as you level up the game befores more easy for you ... yup! pretty obvious!


While the first few chapters of the game are deceptively easy, it's good for getting you warmed up to the control system. While games like Diablo II have the benefit of using a keyboard to create shortcuts and hotkeys to often-used items (like healing potions or keys), Neverland devised a surprisingly elegant method for achieving similar results on the Dual-Shock pad. Using either the D-pad or the right analog stick, flipping between special weapon-dependent moves (special attacks depend on what weapon is equipped) and inventory items is a snap, with the corresponding activation button mapped to each item's icon. This makes it easy to access your abilities and tools in the heat of battle, keeping the focus on the fight, and not the unnecessary opening and closing of menu screens. With item management practically invisible and unobtrusive, it's all eyes on the battlefield.


The new fast-paced gameplay takes the classic Shining Force Franchise in a bold new direction.

Shining Force Neo is an Action RPG featuring a dramatic, character driven story and a high gloss anime aesthetic. Real-Time combat creates a deeper sense of personal involvement in the battles, and the presence of more then 90 Enemies on screen at once rachets up the grand scale that the Shining Force games are known for.....[Sega]



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