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Saturday, 20 September 2008 01:13

Shining Force EXA PS2 Review

Shining Force EXA Playstation 2 Console

Rekeased Date: March 20, 2007

Overall Rating:  CooL

Shining Force EXA another Action-RPG game, also part of the Shining Force Series developed by Neverland Co., Ltd.


Shining Force EXA released in Japan in Janurary 18, 2007. It's North American version was released in March 20, 2007 for the Playstation 2 Console System.


Shining Force EXA plunges gamers nto stunning interactive worlds of swords and sorcery that the classic series is best known for. An all-new Fortress System brings deeper strategic elements than ever before, allowing players to develop their home base into a thriving arsenal that will ensure their success in battle. As either Toma, a talented sword fighter boy or Cyrille, a cunning female sorceress, players will restore order in a world of ravaged by decades of war. They will lead their battle poarties into combat with strategic campaigns and defend their home base against the encroaching beasts.


Shining Force EXA comes with a new game play feature, which is quite unique for a RPG game,

Shining Force EXA brings the all-new Fortress System, as you have seen in the past Shining Force Series that you alway get a home base, which always normally was for you to keep your other players in. But in Shining Force EXA you have to defend your home base which is the Fortess, a castle that is given to the players after a few minutes of gameplay in the game. Toma, and Cyrille the two main characters of the game who you can control in the game, but let me also tell you that you won't be able to control both characters at the same time, Toma is a swordsman and Cyrille is a Sorceress, you can pick which game play by going through the game casting magic or using bows.... or you can use the mighty and power swords that offered in the game and hack-slash your way to victory. The choice is upto you completely!


The best thing about Shining Force EXA is that your Fortress can be upgraded you can upgrade its Radar to find more rare treasures and also rare monsters... you can also upgrade the Cannon which is important in most part of the game, you are also able to use that Cannon during any fights if your Cannon has enough range to reache there...... and also you can also upgrade your Fortress Barrier, which is like your Fortress's Defense Level....and there is some other things too which you can also upgrade that are within your Fortress Castle.


Shining Force EXA is a must for all the Action RPG lovers, it has a good story and also the characters of the game are filled with a good sense of humor which makes the story more interesting... The graphics are much better than Shining Force Neo , the movie sequences are also much enjoying and adds abit of amazing scenes that are pretty unique in its own way.


Again, i recommend the classic Shining Force Lovers that you must try it out if you're really a fan of these Shining Force Games, but if you don't like playing hack&slash games then Shining Force EXA is truly not the game for you.



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