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Saturday, 20 September 2008 01:16

Final Fantasy X-2 For PS2

Final Fantasy X-2 (10-2) For Playstation 2 Console

Rekeased Date: December 18, 2003

Overall Rating:  CooL

Final Fantasy X-2 is a Console Role-Playing-Game developed and published by SquareSquare (now known as Square EnixSquare Enix), FFX-2 (Final Fantasy X-2) is also a sequel to one of the best selling games of 2001 (Final Fantasy X).


First, let me say that Americans playing Final Fantasy X-2 have one key and significant problem. In Japan and Europe, Squaresoft released a version of Final Fantasy X called FFX International. This version included some souped up bosses and sidequests, and was never released in America. No big deal; so we missed out on some fights, oooh scary. However, FFX International also included a 15-minute-long movie called Final Fantasy X: Another Story.

Without spoiling anything, I will simply say that this video provides a crucial link between the two games, summarizing the two years that came between. Yet, it was not released with FFX-2 in America.

The game gives hints as you move through, just in case you didn't see the movie, but I feel the game experience would have been enhanced had someone had the bright idea to include the Another Story movie for those of us who didn't get it the first time round. 


The game story follows the character Yuna from Final Fantasy X as she seeks to find many answers and bring peace to Spira. After defeating "S i N" in Final Fantasy X, Yuna has now called High Summoner Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2. In FFX-2 users aren't able to summon aeons anymore.


Even though FFX-2 is a direct sequal to FFX - FFX-2 brings new game-play style with it. Yuna and all the other playable characters found in FFX-2 can collect new Dresspheres which gives different new powers to the person wearing the dressphere. You can level up that dressphere so that more powers can be unlocked.


In Final Fantasy X-2 users travelling is much better, at the start of the game you are introduced to Celsius its the airship that you will be using to travel all around the wonderful world of Spira. players will be able to visit there favorite FFX places including Zanarkand. Celsius will also let you see the level of missions that are completed and which still needs to be completed. in FFX-2 players must visit every place of Spira to complete mission that is available there.

The play-able characters are Yuna, Rikku and a new character named Paine ONLY. there are no other playable characters in the final fantasy x-2.

The mission-based nature of the game. It's divided into five chapters, each of which has a certain number of missions. Now, the game gives you a completion percentage based on the plot points you can dig up. And you need %100 to get the best ending, which means you have to play through at LEAST twice.


:Accomplishing 100% on the first play-thru would be quite immpossible, especially without a strategy guide."


The game's sidequests include minor tasks and quests, optional bosses and dungeons, and the most minigames of any Final Fantasy at the time of its release. These minigames include Gunner's Gauntlet (a third-person/first-person shooter game) and Sphere Break (a mathematical coin game involving addition and multiplication), as well as the fictional underwater sport blitzball originally featured in Final Fantasy X with a different control scheme.


Final Fantasy X-2 is a great game indeed, but the only thing that disappointed me was that Tidus one of the characters in Final Fantasy X was not playable in this game.... instead if you manage to get 100% complete you will get to see a see in the end that reunites Yuna with Tidus.



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