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Saturday, 20 September 2008 03:49

Counter-Strike for Xbox - Counter-Strike Xbox Game - Counter-Strike Xbox Video Game
Counter Strike 1.6 
Overall: 5/5 Stars: 5
Price: $9.99 - $14.99
Counter Strike 1.6
Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.0 
Counter Strike 1.6Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most absolute popluar mod for Half Life.
Half-Life / Counter Strike is a product of Valve CorporationValve Corporation.
Counter stike is running completely wild almost all computer in the world!

From the day it was released, each new Beta was better and greater, and today it has grown into a game that's probably sucked the life out of all average people.  Say goodbye to your job, your family, and the rest of the world, because Counter-Strike is so addictive and challenging it'll be hard for you to put it down.

When playing Counter strike it is guranteed that you won't notice how time Flys-By
CS - (Counter Stike) is a multi-player game, you can play it online or in your local network.

"The best thing about Counter strike is that its an online multiplayer game, isn't it?"

The gameplay isn't that tough to understand either, there are 2 teams, Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist, everyone chooses a team and both sides start rumbling online :).

Most of the time you just try to kill your Opposite team. (i.e if you're Terrorist, you can win the match by killing all the players in the Counter-Terrorist team).
Other then this, there some other interesting goals by which you can win the match

though that depends on the map, certain map requires the Terrorist to plant a bomb and Counter-Terrorist to Defuse the bomb before it blast or Stop the terrorist from planting it.
Some maps have the CT escorting a V.I.P.  to an extraction zone, and the terrorists have to kill the V.I.P.  Other goals have the terrorists holding hostages, and the CT team has to get them out alive.

The Graphics and Sounds are pretty similar or you can "Are" Half-Life, so if you've played Half-Life and liked it you'll surely love Counter-Strike, the character models are superb but the levels of details are abit low, but that can be another advantage to make online gameplay faster and smoother for certain peoples, Sound is important in the game as with it you will be able to hear foot-steps of people coming near you or going past you and with the directional audio you'll know where to shoot or go.

Counter-Strike is a strategy game, running wild while pressing the trigger might give you some kills, but it's really a game about team strategy and precise control.
For one, just pulling the trigger until the enemy dies isn't always the best strategy.

The more you fire in one burst, the wider the aiming cursor gets, and the less accurate your gun will be.  Short, controlled bursts to the head are much more deadly.
Of course... each weapon has its own idiosyncrasies. 

Also, running off on your own may get you a few kills... but it doesn't do much for the team.
Try to play the game with opponents that communicate well, and set up a strategy.
It's important for constantly winning the maps, and is much more satisfying.

The first thing you can do is get familar with certain maps you will be playing online,
if you know where is where you can easily run there not wasting time and also find team-mates by communicating with code-names for certain locations of the map.

Although Counter-Strike is a fantastic game by itself, it's still a free download on the internet.  However, the retail version of Counter-Strike comes with much more.  If you're into online gaming, then this is the package for you.  For a cheap price, you also get Team Fortress Classic, and awesome team-based game with different character classes, Opposing Force multiplayer, Wanted, Redemption, and Firearms.  The package of all these online games is truly incredible, and won't have you wasting time downloading files.

"Counter-Strike is truly dominating the online gaming arena and if you're still not in it, what are you waiting for? come and join the list of over millions CS Fans!!."



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