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Monday, 15 September 2008 15:26
Toshiba Satellite A35-S159
Out of Box Specifications
Model Toshiba A35-5159
2.3 GHz Processor – Intel P4
60 Gig HD
15" Screen  1024x768

Here is the software that comes installed on it.
Windows XP Home

Arcsoft Software Suite
InterVideo DVD 4
Microsoft Works
Norton Anti-Virus

This Toshiba Satellite A35 S159 is a true work horse! I have been running it daily for over 1 year for everything from Web Development to Network Security.
The only issues I have run into is the keyboard. I replaced it 3 times due to wearing it out!
This is the best laptop I have honestly ever worked with.. Super fast and GREAT true 15 inch LCD screen.. I have worked with many other 15 inch screens that are not this size. This is a full box screen and not one of those half height style screens.. The best part about this laptop is its super easy to upgrade. I bought a 3.06 gig mobile P4 CPU off of ebay and installed it under 10 minutes! There are a couple screws on the bottom to pull off the CPU cover and than 4 more for the heat sink and the CPU pops right out.  Install the new one and your done! What a great way to get a 3+ gig P4 laptop at a great price. The other upgrade I added is a 100 gig EIDE hard drive @ 5400 RPM for extra space and drive speed. It also was super quick and easy to install.  Lastly I bumped this unit up to 1 gig with another 512 DDR stick I got from ebay for $49!
I was going to buy an Alienware  A51 3 gig but it was more than double the price. This is a great looking laptop and there is nothing in its price point that can touch it.
If your looking for something that you can upgrade to grow into, look no further..
I give it a perfect 5 our of 5
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