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Saturday, 13 September 2008 07:12


Toshiba Portege 7100 Series is cool but fairly old comparing to what we have do, though its still very useful as you see on the top picture, its a very light weight Plus slim laptop that you can carry everywhere, very easily.

It has PIII (Pentium 3) Proccessor which is quite old compared to the new processors and technolgy, but its still fairly fast and smooth to use, it doesn't have a touch-pad, it has it mouse somewhere between the keyboard which i think is better, so you don't have to move around and blah, blah blah. this is what i prefer as it is quite much more fast, and easy to move around!.

This laptop is internet ready and has a built-in modem plus a network card so you won't have to wait much as soon you buy this laptop to get connected to the internet :).

It also has ports for Serial, Parallel, USB, Infared. also it has TV Output, Floppy Drive, DVD Rom, its LCD screen is about "13 Inch - TFT Color Display", has built-in Sound & Speakers.

Laptop Specifications :
* Intel Pentium III 500 mhz Processor
* 128 meg RAM
* 6 gig Hard Drive
* 13 inch TFT Color Display
* 8X DVD ROM Drive
* 56k modem
* 3.5 inch Floppy Drive
* 10/100 network card
* Built in sound and speakers
* Serial, Parallel and USB ports
* AC adapter
* Battery

"One of the baddest thing about this laptop is that it has a very low battery life, not sure why but it doesn't seem to run for more then 30 Minutes!."

"Other then that this laptop is old but recommended, the built-in sounds are superb aswell the look and size as said are great and great for portability, the laptops speed is again fairly good so its not as slow as you would think, overall its great!."
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