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Written by Zubair   
Saturday, 18 October 2008 10:01

Dell Latitude C600

Dell Latitude C600 is the ultimate Cheap laptop. This all-in-one notebook offers real value for money. It's fine for the majority of essential student use i.e. email, internet and office applications. This really is all the majority of students essentially need!!

The Dell Latitude C600 Series is designed especially for the highly mobile user. Lightweight and slim design, it is the ideal solution for users who need a high power lightweight solution. Play your CDs on the go with the included CD-ROM.


The is a straightforward corporate laptop with excellent battery life and some special touches.

With its 700MHz Mobile Pentium III SpeedStep processor, 128MB of RAM, and 10GB hard drive, the Latitude C600 is also a top-notch performer in other areas. In fact, the Latitude C600 is the fastest notebook for its price range we've tested under Windows 2000, returning a Business Winstone 99 score of 39.9.

Dell Notebook c600One aspect that is unique among the machines we tested (and worth copying by others) is the inclusion of both a touch pad and pointing stick. Those who are comfortable with both features can switch back and forth, depending on the task (both are active concurrently), and those with a preference can choose between them, turning one or the other off.

The C600 comes with minimal printed documentation, but Dell balances this shortcoming with outstanding, comprehensive on-disk system reference material and a three-year warranty.


  • Intel Pentium III 700Mhz (Factory reconditioned (Grade A)
  • Ultra Thin, Lightweight & Compact
  • 14.1" TFT Display
  • 128 MB SDRAM
  • 10Gb Hard Drive
  • Microphone, speaker, keyboard, display, TrackPoint
  • 3D Graphics
  • 3D Sound + Stereo Speakers
  • 56k pcmcia modem card + cables / 10/100 Lan network card
  • Floppy Drive
  • Parallel, IR, PS/2, serial & USB
  • IF Ports infrared
  • PSU Charger batteries are covered by a 7 day RTB warranty
  • 30 Day Return to Base Warranty
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